10 Ways to MOVE with your pet

May 16th, 2017 | By
  1. Run, Spot, Run!
    This summer, find a safe, open area like a fenced-in yard or pet park and let your furry friend really, really run!
  2. Play with UFOs.
    You might call them Frisbees, but your dog thinks of them as Uncommonly Fun Objects (UFOs).
  3. Go to school.
    Pet obedience school, that is. This is an active, healthy way to learn how to work well together.
  4. Share the love.
    Did you know that pets help people heal!? Maybe you could get permission to take your dog or cat to a hospital or nursing care facility near you. You’ll make new friends, and the folks there will get some extra love.
  5. Play games.
    Fetch is fun for Fido! So are Hide-n-Seek, Find the Bone, and Follow the Leader.
    Yarn balls are great for Tabby! So are Feather-on-a-Stick, Mouse-on-a-String, and Chase the Laser Light!
  6. Take a 4-legged hiking trek.
    Forget the sidewalk and head into nature! Des Moines is loaded with hiking, biking, and walking trails that are pet-friendly (just remember to take supplies to clean up if your four-legged hiking partner makes a mess during your hike).
  7. Form a K-9 drill team.
    March and dance with your pets. They will love trying to keep up with you (and you will both get a great workout)!
  8. Open a paper bag.
    Cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, ferrets … they all love to play with a crinkly paper bag. Just open it up on the floor and watch the fun!
  9. Head to the swimmin’ hole.
    See if your parents know someone near Des Moines who has a farm pond on their property (we bet they do). Then head over for a good ol’ fashioned swim with your pooch.
  10. Test your American Ninja doggie!
    Set up a homemade tunnel, balance beam, jump, and platform in your backyard or playground. Other kids and pets will come running to join in the fun!

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