Families who play together … stay healthier together!

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The best family time is when you’re … playing games … reading … singing silly songs … or just plain having fun together!

When we laugh, our bodies feel better! In fact, research shows that playing and laughing help us deal with things like tests, sad times, and new or uncomfortable experiences.

Do you make a game of everything? “Hey, sister, I’ll race you to the car!” or “Hey, brother, let’s see how many yellow cars we see on the way to school!” That means you’re passing time in a fun way, and that’s healthy (and a lot more enjoyable).

Be the fun

Sometimes, you might have to be the one who helps your brothers, sisters, and parents make FUN and PLAY part of your everyday routine. You can do this in lots of ways, and if you’re silly, they probably will join in the fun.

  • Use goofy voices.
  • Walk in a silly way or dance down the hallway.
  • Make chores a game by counting how many times you sing “Happy Birthday to You” while cleaning your room.
  • Have a pillow fight while making your bed (but be gentle to your pillow … and everyone else).


Indoor games families love 

  • Board games like Monopoly, Sorry!, and Clue
  • Team activities like charades (or Guesstures), Pictionary, and hide-and-seek
  • Floor games like jacks, Pickup Sticks, and Twister


Outdoor games for everyone

  • Water balloon dodge ball
  • Relays like pass-the-egg and three-legged team races
  • Tag – use a traditional game like freeze tag, or make up your own version

Head to the park for these

  • Disc golf
  • Obstacle course – make one up at the playground
  • Capture the flag


In the car

  • The alphabet game – find letters A to Z using only signs and billboards
  • Name the book – pick a letter of the alphabet and name as many books as you can that begin with that letter
  • 20 questions – one person thinks of a famous sports figure or celebrity, and everyone teams up to ask 20 “yes or no” questions to see if they can guess who the person is

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