How to be a BVF (Best Valentine Forever)

February 1st, 2018 | By

Do you earn money for doing chores, get an allowance, or sometimes get cash from relatives for your birthday? If so, that amount may not provide for Valentine’s Day surprises, so try making something for your loved ones.

Or share your Valentine spirit by showing your family how much you love them …
… give an extra hug or two
… let mom fuss over your hair without complaint
… offer to help cook dinner

The extra help around the house will be a welcome gift, and taking some of the stress out of a normal, busy day is a great present.

For some fun family time, ask to play a board game after dinner. Getting the whole family together to play a game is a great way to spend a cold winter night inside. Or take a walk in the snow and make snow angels together!

The important thing is that you can start a new Valentine tradition to look forward to every year! Little gestures can make a big difference. And your family may agree that time together is the best Valentine gift of all.


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