Please Don’t Feed The Animals!

November 12th, 2017 | By

The holiday season often leads to big meals at home. That can mean lots of opportunities for your four-legged friends to grab a quick snack that might not be good for them.

Take care when setting the table … if you have a pup, kitty, ferret, gerbil, iguana (or any other pet) with lightning jaws, keep someone on guard duty! Distract them with some morsels that are safe.

If your cat or dog has a crate, or if your snake or iguana has a tank, consider safely containing them. Sometimes putting your pet away is hard for you, but better for them.

To the right are some more specific ways to help keep your beloved pets safe.

  • Keep walnuts out of your pets’ reach. We sometimes use them (and love them) in holiday cakes and cookies, but they can be unsafe for the four-legged family members.
  • If the turkey is carved, toss the bones and take them outside to the garbage can right away. They sure smell good, but can be a choking hazard to any pet who isn’t careful! (A few scraps might be a good idea, but make sure the little bones are completely removed!)
  • That green bean casserole might be tasty to your pets, but the onions on top can be poisonous.
  • Keep track of your trick-or-treat bag with Halloween leftovers. Most candy – especially chocolate – is a no-no for dogs and other pets.
  • Some fruits we use in pies and breads have pits. Be sure they are in the garbage and out of reach of animals. They can be very difficult for a small animal to digest.

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