Summer time is grandparent fun time

May 16th, 2017 | By

Here are some exciting, low- or no-cost, and fun things to do with grandma and grandpa this summer. After all, they love spending time with you AND they need to stay active, too!

  1. Build a fort (inside or out). Have a picnic, or spend some time reading with grandma and grandpa in your fort!
  2. Become a sculptor with homemade play dough . Get the recipe at
  3. Track our butterfly migration at
  4. Get those jigsaw puzzles and model sets out of the closet. Your grandparents will enjoy helping you put them together.
  5. Start your very own garden together Iowa is a GREAT place for gardening!
  6. Cook dinner together. By the end of the summer, you could cook veggies from your own garden!
  7. Have a Grand Game Night. Let the Grands pick games they played when they were your age!

Board games like Monopoly, Sorry!, and Clue
Team activities like charades (or Guesstures), Pictionary, and hide-and-seek
Floor games like jacks, Pickup Sticks, and Twister



Head to the park for these
Disc golf
Obstacle course – make one up at the playground
Capture the flag

Outdoor games for everyone
Water balloon dodge ball
Relays like pass-the-egg and three-legged team races
Tag – use a traditional game like freeze tag, or make up your own version

In the car
The alphabet game – find letters A to Z using only signs and billboards
Name the book – pick a letter of the alphabet and name as many books as you can that begin with that letter
20 questions – one person thinks of a famous sports figure or celebrity, and everyone teams up to ask 20 “yes or no” questions to see if they can guess who the person is

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