What Does Family Look Like?

November 13th, 2017 | By

When you think of ‘family,’ you think of the people you live with, depend on, and care about.

The term ‘family’ can mean many different things. You and some of your school friends might have two parents at home, or you might live with just one parent. You may know someone who was adopted. You might live with a grandparent, or an aunt and uncle, or a foster family. There really isn’t a ‘typical’ family.

What is important is the love and care you all have for each other.

I love my family because?

My favorite activity with my family is?

I laugh a lot when my family?

If I could do one thing with my family every day, it would be?

My family members all look like each other when we?

My family members all look different when we?

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