a pinky swear is forever

September 21st, 2017 | By

Mitch was nine years old when he was diagnosed with bone cancer. When he was in the hospital in December, he overheard the family next to him having a discussion that there would not be enough money for Christmas that year. He said to his dad, “This isn’t fair. How much money do I have in the bank?” and Mitch insisted they go get it.

Mitch withdrew all the money he had in his savings account and put it in envelopes for the kids on the pediatric oncology floor at the hospital, signing each envelope, “XOXO Love Mitchell.”

Steve and Mitch delivered the envelopes by putting them on nightstands, under doors, and on beds. As they were leaving the last room, Mitch exclaimed, “Dad, that is the most fun I have ever had! Let’s do it again next year!”

Steve sadly replied, “Mitch, you might not be here next year.” So Mitch asked his dad to do it again next year and Steve agreed. And Mitch looked at his father and said, “Dad, promise me you will keep helping kids with cancer! Pinky swear with me that you will do it forever!”

Steve did a pinky swear with Mitch, promising to always help kids with cancer. Mitch passed away on April 11 the following spring, and Pinky Swear Foundation was formed.

Kids like you can help Pinky Swear Foundation ease the financial and emotional impacts experienced by children with cancer and their families by providing basic needs and support during a very challenging time.

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