Feeling good…body, mind, and spirit!

September 20th, 2017 | By

Being healthy doesn’t just mean eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water. It also means having a healthy mindset. This is especially important since you have just started a new school year.

Every grade school student can use this checklist. It will help you feel your best, inside and out! And don’t worry … this list looks like a long one, but everything is really “do-able” starting right now.

Catch some zzzzzs!

You hear it all the time … “get plenty of sleep.” And it’s true! In fact, kids your age should get about 10 hours of sleep every night!

Choose a bedtime routine.

Try something like (1) turn off electronics two hours before bedtime. (2) brush your teeth, (3) change into pajamas, (4) read a book, and (5) lights out at about the same time every night. Wake up at the same time every day (even weekends!). Your body works better when it stays in a routine.

Race to the school bus … literally!

Stay connected.

Keep in touch with friends and make new ones!

Be happy.

It sounds silly, but just being excited about life will help you feel good!


Do whatever you enjoy … walk, play tag, ride your bike, jump rope. Any form of MOVEment gets your blood pumping, your heart exercising, and your mind focusing.

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