Kids can make the world a better place

November 13th, 2017 | By

Meals from the Heartland

Thousands of kids your age have volunteered at Meals from the Heartland (MFTH). And around the world, MFTH packs and distributes millions of meals every year to hungry people!

Des Moines kids who are five years of age or older can volunteer at MFTH. You can package meals or even have your own fundraiser! In fact, a group of 10 kids can package hundreds of meals in just one hour!

While volunteering at MFTH, you and your friends can listen to music and talk while you package. One of your school groups, your church youth group, or your neighborhood association can raise money for the meals. And then you can all pack meals and get them ready to send to people
who are hungry!

Des Moines’ Joppa Kids

Joppa Kids is a program that teaches elementary school children, groups, and clubs about homelessness.

When you’re a Joppa Kid, you will …

Learn why some people are homeless

Find out some ways you can prevent people from becoming homeless

Meet people who have been homeless (they’ll share what it feels like and what they experienced)

Have a chance to help people who are homeless

Get a free Joppa Kids t-shirt to let people know you’re a Joppa Kid!

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