With a little help every kid can … PLAAAY!

May 12th, 2017 | By

We all use different supports to make sure we have fun. Some people wear glasses to see the kickball better. Some use an inhaler before they run because it’s springtime and they have allergies or asthma that make it hard to breathe. Some of us get tips on how to be a good sport when the other team wins. And some people use a wheelchair to sprint to their friends.

Boys and girls play sports and use playground equipment in all different ways. It just depends on how old they are, how strong they are, and how their bodies and minds work. Once in a while, the people leading the activity get to help them. Has a teacher, parent, or coach ever helped you figure out how to use a piece of equipment or play a game?

The good news is that lots of gyms and playgrounds have adaptive equipment now! “Adaptive equipment” means it is made especially for people who do things differently when they play! Plus, coaches and recreation leaders are also really good at working with kids of all ages and with lots of different interests and needs.

Cheer squads sometimes have extra helpers for kids who don’t have good balance because of their disability. Gymnastics teams might use parallel bars that are closer together for kids with shorter legs.

Some baseball teams use a ball that beeps so players who are blind can hear the ball and hit it with their bats. Some running tracks even make each lane out of a different kind of material so runners can tell when they are out of their lane.

We all know that playing with our friends is fun. So if you have a neighbor or schoolmate who has an intellectual or physical disability, you could ask them what kinds of sports or activities they like. Then you can play together!

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