Candy without cavities?

September 18th, 2017 | By

Can you eat candy without getting cavities? The answer is … maybe! Most candy is sugary. We know not to eat too much of it because too much sugar on our teeth can cause cavities. But sometimes it’s difficult to ignore that sweet tooth, and Halloween is one of those times!

When you and your parents go shopping for Halloween treats, try the ones on our list. These are as tooth-healthy as you can get for candy trick-or-treat options.

Some of these have options in dark chocolate, which actually may help harden tooth enamel!

Some of these melt fast, which means the candy isn’t sitting in and around your teeth very long.

Some have sugar-free options.

Some of these choices have nuts, which can help break up the stickiness of the candy. That helps get the sweetness past your teeth more quickly!

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