Got Milk?

April 9th, 2018 | By

Almost everyone drinks some kind of milk.

Do you pour it over your cereal, or drink it straight from a glass, or mix it into smoothies? Milk is available at every grocery and natural foods store, but did you know there are many different kinds of milk?

Some people are “lactose intolerant,” which means they can get really sick if they have any products made from cow’s (and sometimes goat’s) milk. Others are vegetarians or vegans, which mean they may choose not to drink milk or use other foods that come from an animal. Some people just don’t like the taste of milk.

Fortunately, we have more than just cow’s and goat’s milk as options now. Milk is also being made from almonds, soy, cashews, coconuts, and even rice! Each has its own unique flavor and nutrients.

How many of these different kinds of milk have you tried? We’ve listed the most popular ones here. We have included some information that will help you and your family decide what milks you would like to try.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is delicious (if you like the taste of coconut)! It is creamy and sweet. It offers the least nutritional value.

Cow’s milk

Cow’s milk is the most economical kind of milk. That means it costs less, on average, than the others. It has a good nutritional balance, and many kids like the way it tastes.


Almond or cashew milk

These are perfect substitutes for anything that calls for milk! Some people might have nut allergies, though, so be careful about sharing with friends unless you know it is okay for them.

Rice milk

Believe it or not, rice milk has more calcium than cow’s milk. Calcium helps your bones grow strong.

Soy milk

Made from the soybean plant, soy milk has the most protein of all the milks we’ve listed here. It is also widely available and a little less expensive than some of the others.

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