Make your MOVE after school

September 20th, 2017 | By

When you get home from school, it’s easy to flop in front of the TV or an iPad with a bag of chips and lose track of time until dinner, Dorito dust coating your hand.

But breaking up the time you spend in front of the TV can have great health benefits, and hitting the pause button more frequently to get up and move will keep your mind and body active!

Here are a few ideas for making your after-school time count!

Every 15 minutes:

  • Hop up and run a lap around the house.
  • See how many pushups you can do.
  • Do a handstand against the wall.
  • Do sit-ups … how many can you do without stopping?
  • Practice “wall sits” while watching a show so your blood keeps flowing!
  • Simply stretch. Flexibility is extremely important, and will help to keep you healthy!

A New Twist on After-School Snacks

It’s important to eat healthy snacks when you finish a busy day at school, especially if you can’t go right outside to play. Try these for yummy, healthy after-school snacks!

  • chomping some celery dipped in ranch or buffalo sauce
  • slathering an apple with peanut butter
  • grabbing a handful of strawberries instead of other snacks like chips or pop-tarts

All those other snacks will stay good for a long time, so when you really crave them they won’t let you down and you can use them as a reward or a treat for yourself to make them taste even better!

Remember … string cheese or bananas can give you a burst of energy, and when you really want to eat a whole bunch of something, grapes are a great option instead of chips.

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