Golf + Frisbee = Disc Golf

September 29th, 2017 | By

Throwing the Frisbee around with your friends and family is fun, but maybe you would like to add a little competition. If so, disc golf is the game for you!

Throwing the Frisbee around with your friends and family is fun, but maybe you want some kind of competition or want to get moving and see some of our beautiful city. If so, disc golf might be the game for you!

Disc golf is a combination of traditional golf and Frisbee. Disc golf courses consist of nine or 18 holes, just like golf. Instead of an actual hole, though, your target is a chain basket that sits at the top of a pole about three feet off the ground. You throw a disc that is similar to a Frisbee, and try to get the disc into the basket. And … disc golf courses are often free to use!

Disc golf is a great way to learn the basics of control and coordination in a fun, no pressure environment. It can be a very affordable recreation activity with your family. And you will get some great views of forests, lakes, streams, and wide open fields.

Did you know …

You can find inexpensive discs at thrift stores, or even just by combing the rough grasses around any disc golf course. (If there’s a name and/or phone number on a disc you find, please be sure to have an adult return it to the owner.)
Disc golf relies on precision rather than strength. Throwing hard might land your disc in a patch of trees or a nearby pond! With practice, you will see improvement.

Many courses are free and some even have scorecards and pencils sitting in boxes near the first tee for you to use.

You don’t have to dedicate a whole afternoon to playing. You can play the whole course or just a few holes at a time.

If you see a signature on the basket, that means someone landed a hole-in-one there! See if you can play an “ace” as well, and you can add your name to the list and take a picture to show your friends!

Disc golf is fun with one or two players or with a big group!

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