Hop on your bike … Let’s roll!

May 10th, 2017 | By

Isn’t it great to feel the wind on your face while you’re on your bicycle? And it’s something everybody in your family can do together!

Do you like to ride in your neighborhood? On a bike path? Around the campground while you’re on vacation?

Bicycling is a GREAT way to make friends. Take your bike to the park and you’ll probably meet kids who also love to ride. Then you can take rides together, and you can even introduce your parents so they can be friends, too!

Be sure everyone knows and follows these basic rules when biking:

  • Wear a helmet! We know you hear this all the time …
    it really is the most important rule!
  • Ride single file.
  • Stay to the right of the path so bikers and walkers can pass on the other side.
  • Know and follow all road rules. Your parents can help you learn these.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Have fun!


Riding your bike helps the muscles in your legs, arms, and even your back get stronger.

People ride bikes their whole lives … even 100-year-old people can keep riding!

Riding your bike helps your heart get stronger.

People who are blind ride their bicycles by “hearing” cars, curbs, trees, and people nearby (we’ll tell you more about that in a future issue of Des Moines MOVE).

Riding bicycles instead of driving cars helps keep our air cleaner.


There are a lot of places in Des Moines where you and your family can ride together. Here are a few ideas. See if your mom and dad can plan a bike trip for all of you!

  1. Raccoon River Valley Trail
    It begins in Clive
  2. Saylorville Lake
    You can swim and camp there, too!
  3. Chichaqua Valley
    A paved trail that starts in Bondurant
  4. Great Western Trail
    You can ride from southern Des Moines all the way to Water Works
  5. Neal Smith Trail
    An easy ride along the Des Moines River
  6. Carlisle’s Summerset Trail
  7. High Trestle Trail
  8. Of course, Gray’s Lake and other small area lakes have trails around them, too!

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