Living Room Olympics

November 14th, 2017 | By

So what if it’s cold outside? You can still have great fun being active indoors! Just be sure your parents know what you’re planning. They should approve all Living Room Olympic Games!

There are some things to remember when you set up your own Living Room Olympics:

Keep it simple with only three or four “events.”
You can plan “real” ceremonies for opening, closing, and medal presentations.
Have each team in its own “uniform!”
Keep score for fun and bragging rights.

The Opening & Closing Ceremonies

Pick your favorite music to play while you march into the “stadium.” And play a song you all know and can sing out loud with as you leave at the end of your Olympic competition!

Wear your “uniforms” with pride as you enter the competition arena! Each team could wear t-shirts of the same color. Or maybe you want to carry a flag that represents a country you’ve visited (or want to visit). Or perhaps each team has an animal mascot, and you all enter acting like that animal. (Just think of how much fun you’ll have if your team is the Elephants!)

The Events

Dive into your toy box and recycle bins and be creative with what you find. Nerf balls make perfect indoor bowling balls, and empty milk containers are easy-to-knock-down pins.

Old pillowcases can be the perfect sacks for three-legged races.

Ping pong balls and juice cartons (on their sides) can be used to make a hole in one on your living room mini-golf course. Use the curved end of an umbrella instead of a real golf club.

Chairs, step stools, boxes, and other items laying around the house can be used to make a one-of-a-kind obstacle course.

The Medals

Feel free to skip the traditional gold, silver, and bronze medals. Maybe you prefer to hand out medals for “silliest sack racer” or “most creative putting technique” or “best bowling style.”

Make medals with paper, glitter, ribbon, or whatever art supplies you have on hand.




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