Play in the dirt

April 7th, 2018 | By

Sometimes all you need is some dirt to get a good game going. (To play these games, you need to get permission from your parents first.) Try some of these activities next time you want to get outside:

Digging worms

When was the last time you and your friends dug up some earthworms? Just burrowing into the dirt around trees and shrubs will yield a bunch of them. You can set them free or use them for fishing bait!

Playing Sand Volleyball

Sand Volleyball is played on a sand court, which can be found at many playgrounds and even church recreation areas.

Planting gardens

How about planting a garden? Digging a small hole, laying in a seed, and anticipating it growing into food you can eat in a few weeks … what a fun way to spend a warm spring day!

Hunting bugs

Go on a bug hunt! Can you find a lady bug … beetle … big ant, little ant? Can you find some that you don’t recognize? Have your parents help you identify them!

If you just feel like playing by yourself … find a hill to roll down, or go to the lake and play in the sand, or climb a tree! It’s fun to get dirty, and rolling in the dirt can be great as long as you don’t track it into your home!

Your outdoor fun doesn’t have to be limited to sunny days, either. Get your parents’ permission on a rainy day to go outside and find some mud to mold into fun shapes with your hands, or build a mudcastle complete with a moat!

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