When it’s too cold outside … play inside!

January 30th, 2018 | By

So, it snowed. It’s not a fun, go-out-and-sled kind of snow. It’s a below-zero, can’t-feel-your-face kind of snow.

Some days the weather just isn’t good for playing outside. That doesn’t mean you have to spend all day staring at a screen!

Ask your parents to dig into the collection of board games in your closet. Or pull out some puzzles to put together. If you want some new activity books, take a trip to your local library! And if you want some new puzzles or games to try, maybe you can make a trip to the thrift store for some ‘gently used’ options!

Do you live near a YMCA? Ask your parents if you can go for the day! Many YMCAs have indoor swimming pools, basketball courts, running tracks, and even tennis courts!

How about a game of futsal in your basement or garage? It’s a new game, kind of like soccer, but played inside on a hard court. You can play with only five players, so maybe some neighborhood friends can play with you. (In our September 2017 issue, we talked about how soccer can be a fundamental building block for other sports, and futsal can be a good indoor replacement for soccer!) Just be sure you use a nerf, cloth, or other very soft type of ball, and get permission from your parents before playing inside.

Does your community recreation department have a gym or indoor swimming pool? Their rates are usually very reasonable for a few hours of play. The whole family and even neighbors can go together!

Is there a church in or near your neighborhood that has a recreation hall? Often, churches will open their recreation facilities to students and families free of charge or for a really small fee. We have quite a few neighborhood recreation centers here in the Des Moines area.

The important thing is, keep moving, even if you’re stuck inside!


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