Bump! Set! Spike!

November 13th, 2017 | By

Volleyball is one of Iowa’s most popular sports, and you can start playing as young as six or seven years old! In the Des Moines area, you can start in volleyball leagues in local recreation departments.

To watch some fantastic volleyball competition, follow the high school teams near you or any Iowa college team. There’s even an Iowa Beach Volleyball organization! Volleyball matches are free or low-cost, and your whole family might like to attend together!

What is volleyball?

Court volleyball is a sport played by two teams of six players who compete on a court that is divided by a net. Doubles volleyball just means that there are only two players on each team. And beach volleyball is played on a court made of sand!

Why is volleyball good for me?

Playing this sport helps improve flexibility, balance, and coordination. Most important, it’s fun!

What moves and equipment do volleyball players use?

In volleyball, there’s no equipment other than the ball, the net, and the players themselves. The three basic moves of volleyball are the pass, set, and hit. A pass is sometimes called a bump, because players use their forearms to “bump” the ball up to the next player. A set is when a player uses the tips of the fingers to “set” the ball up for another player to hit it into the opponents’ side of the court. The hit, or “spike,” is used to score points.

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