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Do you like music? Just about everyone does! Your school probably has a band, orchestra, and/or choir program, and you might be thinking about joining. Maybe you already have!

The idea of playing an instrument or singing in a choir for the first time might be a little scary to you or some of your friends. Maybe you’ve never read music. Maybe you think it would be hard to perform in front of people. It’s natural to wonder about these things. But did you know that being in band or orchestra can actually promote good habits? It can even make you and everyone around you happier!

Do you think you’re more of a sports fan than a music fan?

Well, think about this … playing an instrument may help you be even better at your sports! If you decide to sing or to play a brass or woodwind instrument, like flute or trumpet, your lung capacity will expand. You may be able to run faster and longer, swim deeper, or just not run out of breath as soon.

And if you play an instrument like violin or drums, your arms and shoulders will get stronger.

Whether you’re singing, beating the drums as hard as you can, or blowing on the trumpet until you’re blue in the face, music is a great hobby that comes with its own theme song!

Many families choose not to pay for a beginning instrument for their students. Be sure you ask the music stores in your area about these options:

  • Leasing an instrument, which is much less costly over the course of a school year
  • Leasing or buying a used instrument from a Des Moines area music store
  • Buying an instrument using a rent-to-own plan
  • Purchasing a used instrument via Craigslist, Amazon, or eBay
  • Checking local yard sales
  • Checking local Facebook swap groups

Visit with your kids, and learn more about “why music matters” to elementary-aged school children!

When your kids head into middle school, visit and consider applying for the Marjorie Spevak Music Scholarship, established by Civic Music Association to honor Marjorie Shloss Spevak, a long-time supporter of public school music. This scholarship can help pay for music lessons, instruments, or music camps.

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