For The Love of Tennis

April 9th, 2018 | By

Did you know that “love” is the word tennis players use for “zero points”? So if no one has scored yet in a tennis match, the score is actually “love-love.” And that’s not the only fun thing about this game!

Tennis is played by one player (singles), or by two at a time (doubles), and players can be part of a larger team. So when you play tennis, you’re actually playing by yourself (or with one partner) AND sometimes as part of a group!

Being a team sport means tennis is a great way to meet new friends and feel part of a group. If you play singles, you get a different sense of accomplishment because you are the only person responsible for the outcome of your singles game. Playing doubles means you get to pair up with a friend and play together against another doubles team.

Tennis can be hard to learn at first. Like all racket games (badminton, jai alai, lacrosse), tennis improves footwork, endurance, and hand-eye coordination. Tennis also helps your legs, hands, back, and shoulders get stronger!

Finding a tennis court in the Des Moines area is pretty easy. There are several around this city. Try Crossroads Park, Walker Johnston Tennis Courts, Waveland, or Birdland. And the best part is if you can’t find a partner, you can hit against a big wall or a fence, or you can go to the court and just practice your serve.

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