Put a SPORTS CLUB in your own yard

May 16th, 2017 | By

Sunshine and friends … that’s what summer is all about!

Playing outside games helps you to make friends. You can also learn new things. You may not even notice that you are getting a lot of running, jumping, and muscle-building, too!

Do you want to have a neighborhood sports club in your yard? Here are the steps to making it happen!

  1. Ask your parents if you can start a neighborhood sports club. Most likely, you will make them much happier if you ask their permission first.
  2. Tell your friends and neighbors about your club, and that they are welcome to come over and play. You could even put up signs so people know they are invited to come play.
  3. Set up games (we have given you a great list to start with). Have your parents, brothers, and sisters help you set up all the games and activities.
  4. Have fun!

Start with a few, and rotate them every week or so.

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