Run Fast – Jump High – Throw Far

April 6th, 2018 | By

Do you have the need for speed? Does jumping puddles, fences, and hedges just feel good? Do you like to see how far you can throw rocks, twigs, balls … everything? If so, then track and field just might be the sport for you!

Several high school tracks in and around Des Moines are open to the public. Ask your parents and friends to head to the track together. See who can jog a mile (that’s four laps on an outdoor track) in the fastest time.

If you don’t want to run far, try running fast. Have someone time your 100-meter dash, or run as fast as you can for 200 meters (halfway around one lap).

Go play in the sand if you like to jump! The long jump is just a short run followed by a long leap into the sand. Keep track of your mark and try to get further and further each time.

Or try the high jump. That is when you run and jump over a bar that’s up in the air, landing on cushioned pads on the other side. (Don’t try the high jump without having the pads in place to keep you safe!)

If you like to throw, then you could try shot put, javelin, or discus as you get older. (These are “field events” that require special strength and skills. You can start these when you reach 5th or 6th grade.)

Race your parents to the car. Jump really high on the playground. Throw a rock as far as you can into a lake or pond. For track and field fun, all you really need is your own body and the great outdoors!

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