Shooting HOOPS!

November 14th, 2017 | By

How many kids have dreamed of wearing a jersey with #3, like Candace Parker of the Los Angeles Sparks?  What hoopsters haven’t shouted “I scored on Kobe!” as they tossed a crumpled paper into the trashcan?

Basketball is a game invented right here in the USA. It provides great cardiovascular exercise, which means it strengthens your heart. It offers lots of action as well as moments of more relaxed play. So you get to jump, run, and stretch, all in the same game! And guess what!? Basketball is filled with strategies and plays that increase your math and reading skills!

“Shooting hoops” (another way to say “playing basketball”) can mean playing an actual game of basketball, or it could mean goofing around on the playground. You might want to play Knockout or Easy 21.

Every game using a roundball – another name for a basketball – means you’re jumping, running, and shifting directions. All those help build bone strength.

Working on ball-handling improves hand-eye coordination, your ability to multitask, and your ability to focus.

The best part? There are gyms everywhere, plus outdoor courts where you can go on your own or with some friends.

So whether you prefer nets, chains, or peach baskets, go shoot some hoops!


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