So you think you can DANCE?

January 31st, 2018 | By

 We think so, too! And dancing will help you run faster, be stronger, jump higher, and stretch further than almost every other sport, because it works on all these skills at the same time!

Have you ever watched a football player leap above a pile of players to score a touchdown? Ever cheered as a basketball player soared from the free throw line to dunk the basketball? Those are everyday movements to a dancer!

We know that dancing lessons cost money. Your family may decide that now is not a good time to pay for you to take classes at your location recreation department or a dance studio. But dancing is free in your living room, at your school events, and with your friends!

When music is playing and you’re moving, that’s called … dancing! And it’s great exercise, which means you’ll feel great when you dance.

So jump up and MOVE!



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