The Des Moines MOVE Magazine

Des Moines MOVE provides free and valuable resources to elementary school children and their families, encouraging healthy lifestyles and community engagement.

Children that are more active in sports and recreation at a younger age are healthier as adolescents and adults.

Children that are educated in nutrition and offered healthy food choices are more likely to be well their whole lives.

Children that engage with their community can find hope, inspiration, opportunity and develop a mindset of service.

Our children deserve this and so does Des Moines.

About MOVE:

Published by MM Media LLC six times per school year, Des Moines MOVE is a magazine with corresponding website, social media, and events. Des Moines MOVE is all about improving the health and well-being of our community.

Created in collaboration with supportive sponsors and a dedicated advisory council, MOVE is focused on improving the lives of Des Moines area children and their families. We use our expertise and our resources to accomplish these four basic goals:

+ENCOURAGE children to increase their physical activity, their community engagement and adopt healthy eating habits.

+EDUCATE young families about the many ways that they can get moving, get healthy, and get involved.

+INSPIRE children and their parents with stories of people who are positively impacting their communities and making healthy changes in their own lives.

+CONNECT area families with resources as they strive for healthier lifestyles and greater connections within the community.

About MOVE content:

MOVE magazine provides a mixture of articles, activities, and resources focused on improving the health of our young families.  Each issue will include articles and activities from the following content areas.


  • Features about athletes that kids may know or look up to
  • School sports and local opportunities for participation
  • School clubs to get you engaged
  • Coaching moments and performance tips
  • Features and photos from participating schools


  • Local places to play outside
  • Favorite types of family friendly recreation
  • Connecting kids to new ways to recreate


  • Ways to get your whole family moving:
  • siblings, parents, and grandparents too!
  • Acceptance of other people and the diverse ways they like to engage
  • Ideas for getting others moving
  • Moving with the family pet


  • Nutritional tips
  • Kid friendly recipes
  • Eating healthier on a budget
  • Articles on injury, safety, and wellness


  •   Inspiring stories about how others are moving
  • Focus on making a difference in your community
  • Creative activity pages
  • Kids fiction                 
  • Community Calendar   


MM Media was founded as an Iowa company in 2017, a sister company to Marketing Kinetics, it is woman-owned and managed.

We are a proud Des Moines company.

We create publications for good, not just for profit.

Our culture is passionate, smart, collaborative, and evolving.

We make opportunities and rise to challenges.

Our materials are polished and fun, always engaging.