What kind of velocipede do you have?

April 9th, 2018 | By

Nope, a “velocipede” is not a dinosaur! Velocipede is another word for bicycle! So … what kind of velocipede do you have, want, or need? There are many to choose from!

Kids’ Bikes

The bicycles you probably see most often around your neighborhood are called … believe it or not … “kids’ bikes.” Really! That’s because they are made especially for kids. Their wheels, handlebars, seats, and pedals are designed to fit the size you are right now! They work on trails, at parks, and almost any terrain you’ll find here in the Des Moines area.


“BMX” is short for “bicycle motocross.” The BMX bike is designed for riding at the park, on dirt, and on any flat surface.

Mountain Bike

A real mountain bike has wide tires and lots of gears. It is made to ride on mountains or other bumpy terrain.

Road Bike

Road bicycles are made for riding on pavement. Their handlebars and seats are set so you can be comfortable on long rides on any of Des Moines’ beautiful bike trails.

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